Providing our educational services to children around the world and offering young students equal opportunities in learning and education are of Express Publishing’s most valuable principles.

Accordingly, Express Publishing is committed to protecting children in the most efficient way as well as ensuring that their rights and privacy are being respected and safeguarded.

To that end, we have designed certain mechanisms and implemented technical measures, so as to be sure that parents are aware of their children’s interactions and their rights while using our services.

For reasons of clarity, this Privacy Note refers to parents, legal guardians and teachers of children who wish to use our products and services and is supplementary to our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website. Wherever reference is made to the term “your child”, this will be considered to refer to parents, legal guardians and school teachers of the child, depending on who of the aforementioned individuals undertakes the process of requesting our products or registering to our services on behalf of a child.

Special Note to Teachers: All teachers of young students, when acting on behalf of their students, are strongly advised to have evidently secured the explicit consent of their students’ parents and/or guardians, before submitting personal data of their students to Express Publishing.


Your consent as a condition for our services

For you to be able to create an account to access our services for your child, it is vital that you review and accept this Privacy Note to Parents & Teachers and Express Publishing’s Privacy Policy. Such registration will only occur subject to your explicit consent after reviewing this Note to Parents & Teachers and our Privacy Policy.

In order to verify that the consent is given in a legitimate and appropriate way, certain requirements may be requested on your behalf or certain actions may need to be taken, that will guarantee the identity of the person giving the consent and that this person is authorised to act on behalf of the child (parent, legal guardian etc.) and provide their consent. Such additional measures may indicatively include the use of Two Factor Authentication Tools, verification via email and/or text messages, direct communication etc.

If you fail to follow such procedures or if we have reasons to believe that the person acting is not authorised to do so or is attempting to mislead or provide false information, we have the right to deny access to our services.

Please, note that for children over the age of 16 years or equivalent minimum age depending on jurisdiction, the agreement and consent to our Privacy Policy and the processing of personal data is granted directly by the individual (data subject).


How to create an account for your child

Once you accept and agree to this Privacy Note to Parents & Teachers, our Privacy Policy, the Terms & Conditions of our services and we are provided with efficient proof of your consent, as explained above, you will be able to create an account for your child and be granted access to all features of our services. We will collect and store your child’s personal data during the creation of the account and the registration to our services.

Alternatively, the creation of an account and registration to our services may occur via your child’s language school or other type of educational organisation. Such rights are only granted to affiliated educational centres already registered to our services and which have accepted and declared full compliance to our Privacy Policy and general procedures. If you choose to open an account through your child’s language school or other type of educational organization, your agreement and consent to this Privacy Note to Parents & Teachers and our Privacy Policy is to be given directly to them. After obtaining your consent, they will manage the following steps of the procedure for the creation of an account and the registration to our services.


What type of information we collect

The information we request is the minimum possible so as to secure the highest level of protection for your child’s personal data.

Such information may include your child’s full name, date of birth, username and password and their contact details, for example, an email account.

It is also possible that we collect other personal information for your child, especially when using our services, such as IP addresses, information about the device they are using, geographical locations, educational level and status, activities and preferences about products and services when using our website and applications etc.

All this information is considered as personal data of your child and subsequently comes under the regulations regarding the protection of personal data and is treated as such, especially with regards to sensitive groups like children.


Transfer and sharing of your child’s personal data with third parties

We will never disclose and/or sell any of your child’s personal data to any third party without your explicit permission and consent, unless we are obliged to do so due to a court decision or a law enforcement.

However, due to the fact that our services are usually offered not only directly by Express Publishing but through a network of associates, such as language schools, educational institutions, private tutors and other third parties, we are obliged to share and transfer your child’s personal data to such associates in order to be able to provide the full range of our services.

Accordingly, the consent you provide us with when accepting this Privacy Note to Parents & Teachers and our Privacy Policy includes, apart from the collection and retention of your child’s personal data, the sharing, transfer and/or processing of your child’s data by our partners and/or service providers.

These partners, associates and/or providers are obliged to treat your child’s personal data in confidentiality as well as to abide by the applicable legislation regarding the protection of personal data.


Your child’s rights regarding their personal data

You and your child have certain rights with regards to your child’s personal data. For more information about these rights, or in case you wish to exercise any of these rights, please follow the procedures indicated in the respective section of our Privacy Policy.